Top Companies Are Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

The multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry has been ripe for disruption for quite some time.  For one, your average primary clinic is overloaded with 19+ patients a day. Plus, only about 55% of recommended preventative services are being delivered to patients. There’s also a low amount of patient care coordination between visits, in addition to  limited access to other services such as home-based care, medication management, and behavioral health.

Two, doctors often struggle to coordinate patient care, as compared to other countries.  For example, less than half of U.S. primary care doctors are receiving information from specialists regarding changes to medication or even care plans.  Three, the latest pandemic underscored how badly the industry needs to be updated and disrupted.

It’s why companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Google have dived into the healthcare space.  In fact, “Equipped with hefty  technology and massive consumer data at their disposal, these new contenders hold great prospects to overhaul the healthcare sector, even if it means to upset the usual order of the healthcare realm,” as noted by Zacks.