The Newest EV Maker Planning to File for U.S. Listing

The electric vehicle boom is already here.

By 2025, EVs could account for a third of all auto sales.

By 2030, EVs could surpass internal combustion engine vehicles with a market share of 51%, according to a new study from the Boston Consulting Group.

Some analysts note global production of EVs could top four million, rising to 12 million in the next five years, say analysts at Deloitte.

From there, demand could top 21 million by 2030.

So, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more EV companies to market.  In fact, one of the newest EV stocks coming to market could soon be Chinese EV maker, Li Auto Inc.

According to Reuters, the company builds the Li ONE extended range electric sport utility vehicles in China’s eastern city of Changzhou.  “Unlike rival Tesla and Nio’s pure battery electric vehicles, Li ONE allows drivers to charge their cars with electricity or gasoline.”

In a US SEC filing, the company said it intends to list shares on the NASDAQ under “LI.”